How to Add Funds and Withdraw on Winbox App


26 Tháng chín 2023
Users can conveniently deposit funds into the Winbox app directly, bypassing any third-party intermediaries. There are two primary methods available: the bank transfer option and the instant top-up method.

Winbox App Payment Methods
There are numerous avenues available to top up on Winbox Points (tokens used to access games) for gameplay within our platform. In our Winbox Casino app, options like Bank Transfer and Instant Top-Up are readily accessible. Moreover, players seeking alternative payment methods can utilize Touch 'n Go, Boost, and even Tether payment options to procure Winbox Points.

In terms of withdrawals, players can relish the expeditious and secure Winbox Automated Withdraw System, powered by a trusted system. Withdrawal of your earnings from Winbox can be processed within a swift 5-minute timeframe, provided the winnings are within standard parameters. Additionally, acknowledging some players' preferences to avoid bank transactions, we offer a solution through Whatsapp communication for cash arrangements, subject to area availability.

To sum it up, the accepted payment methods are:

Bank transfer

Instant top-up (EzPay & S99Pay)



Step-by-step guide to top up on Winbox
Bank Transfer Option
1. Access 'Me' > 'Tools' > 'Top up / Withdraw' > 'Top Up (Bank Transfer)'.

2. Input an amount ranging between 20.00 to 20,000.00.

3. Choose the desired bank for deposit.

4. Confirm by checking the 'I have read & agree' checkbox.

5. Transfer the balance to the designated bank account and retain the receipt.

6. Upload the receipt by clicking on the provided blank column.

7. Await approval from the app; the process is underway.

**Kindly note that once you have chosen a bank account for Bank Transfer Option, it will be bound to your account and cannot be changed by yourself. Kindly contact Customer Service for assistance.

Instant Top-Up Method (EzPay & S99Pay)
1. Navigate to 'Me' > 'Tools' > 'Top up / Withdraw' > 'Instant top up'.

2. Select the preferred bank for deposit.

3. Enter an amount within the range of 20.00 to 10,000.00.

4. Within the stipulated time, input your bank username and password.

5. Submit the OTP received via SMS from the bank.

6. The reload from your bank should now be successfully processed.

These methods enable users to add funds seamlessly to their Winbox account, providing flexibility and ease of use within the app.

Step-by-step guide to withdraw on Winbox
Step 1: Begin by accessing the WINBOX login online page, then proceed to “Me”, followed by “Withdraw”, and confirm by clicking “OK”.

Step 2: Select your bank and input your account number before clicking “Next.”

Step 3: Enter your phone number and click “Send OTP” to proceed.

Step 4: After receiving the OTP, input it, specify the desired amount for withdrawal, and click “Submit,” followed by “OK.”

Step 5: Your withdrawal request has been successfully submitted. Enter your payment password to finalize the process.

Transaction Terms and Conditions

Kind Reminder

Our company periodically changes account numbers. Please verify the current account number before making any bank transfers. The company will not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to inputting/transferring funds to the wrong account.

Important Guidelines

When making a deposit, please include the last four digits of your mobile number in the bank transfer's remarks section. This facilitates swift operation in processing your recharge. For example: 6767, 9966, 1234

We advise our valued customers to refrain from using third-party transfers. Using other third-party transfers for recharging may result in a prolonged review period of 3 to 5 days. The company disclaims responsibility for any issues arising from such transactions.

The name on the recharging bank account must match the name submitted for real-name authentication, ensuring the safety of personal bank accounts. Inconsistent names may lead to confiscation of the recharge amount or refund.

When withdrawing cash, users, whether registered with real names or not, must use the bank account that was recharged initially or a bank account under the same name as the registered real name.

Fraud Prevention

Any remarks indicating specific activities such as buying/selling, renting/borrowing, telecommunication stations, currency exchange, etc., will be subject to strict review. Users may encounter difficulties exchanging points smoothly based on these remarks.

Withdrawal Reminder

To withdraw cash, a player must wager the deposit amount a minimum of x1 times before initiating the withdrawal.